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Site Rules

No offensive


However, if you are easily offended, that sounds like a you problem.


No spreading of any copyrighted material. Complaints may be filed with our nonexistent legal department, or in their absence, the cats. 


No spamming or advertising. We already have Girl Scout cookies, religion, and we are currently satisfied with our internet, gas, and electric companies. 


Admin decisions are final. However, the admin is prone to bribery. Favorites include wine, chocolate, gift cards, and extravagant vacations. 


Please be kind.


This entire site is created and dedicated to my own personal narrative journey. It is intended to be a lighthearted, satirical, and sometimes serious look at the ups and downs of an average white, suburband GenX mom living in the midwestern United States. No harm or ill-intent is behind anything published. If you are uncomforatble with discussions related to mental health, depression, anxiety, alcohol, curse words, or the use of satire in general then this may not be the place for you, and that's fine. I am not, nor do I claim to be a professional therapist, doctor, or counselor. What I am, simply, is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, and someone who enjoys writing, photography, crafting, eating chocolate, and having an occasional drink...or two. 

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